Make Token Banking Simple

SmartBnk is needed for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies - unlocking the power of blockchain to provide an integrative easy to use multi-asset management platform - solving the problem of crypto fragmentation

Swap your crypto assets by 1-click into stable coins and back, hedging against crypto risk and volatility





Easily create and manage your own diversified portfolio of tokens.

Get effortlessly auto airdropped with bonus rewards of various tokens directly to your account.

Real Time Functionality

SmartBnk's core strength is its multi asset management function smart contracts coupled with the ability to rapidly plug in services alongside real time payment functionality and high engagement of users.


Earn extra income by completing tasks, get immediately credited with bounties - access and manage them in one account under the same roof.

Core Services

SmartBnk gives you the opportunity to access and manage all your financial portfolios in one account in a fast, fluid and flexible financial environment

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Tools for Smart Banking

Now that you're familiar with SmartBnk's core features, see how you can take part in the new quickly evolving economy where your bank account is much more than just a closed container for fiat money

Smartbnk unleashes the power of smart digital asset banking - a key element in the transformative evolution of the global banking architecture.

Banking in One Dashboard

Gain an Edge on Managing Risk

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March 7-9, 2018 | Bonita Springs, Florida

Did you know you can get a full 24/7 access to the new economy in a highly secure environment through your SmartBnk account?